Thursday, November 27, 2014

[Jakarta] Yukai Shabu Sushi [CLOSED]

Last sunday, Wenny and I was invited to come on Yukai Shabu Sushi's Food tasting, actually it was my third time visited this place. Yukai located on Gunawarman street, and located on the same row with Le cafe Gourmand. The restaurant is not really spacious, it has simple and clean design with wood domination on furniture. I like their samurai-man murals, it so unique.  

Along with its name, they serves Japanese food with Shabu and Sushi as their focus, they have several sushi menus and Shabu, but they also serves tempura, teriyaki and Udon. Their signature dish is Quick Shabu and their most fave is Wagyu Quick Shabu, honestly I never heard "Quick Shabu" before.

Guest can easily read the instructions on how to prepare and enjoy their quick shabu (or you can ask their staff, they are helpful), so if you are a first timer, you have nothing to worry about. We even filmed it when we try our quick shabu for the first time LOL, because it kinda new thing for us, well at least for me. Yukai Staff's will give you two bowls and 1 condiments plate. One bowl consist of Ponzu Sauce (taste like soya sauce), and another bowl consist of Wagyu, udon, shitake, meatballs, tofu, pakcoy and Chinese cabbage in a hot water, it literally hot, so please be careful. We just simply pour the condiment into Ponzu sauce and put Wagyu or everything you have in the other ball and the last one we just enjoy our quick shabu.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

[Bandund] Toastina - Sheraton Bandung

Buat anak-anak Bandung yang lagi nyari-nyari toko kue enak atau teman-teman yang lagi menghabiskan weekend di Bandung, bisa loh mampir ke Toastina Pastry & Coffee House ini. Masih satu areal dengan Sheraton Bandung, letaknya persis di depan sebelah kanan sebelum lobby hotelnya. Interior dan eksteriornya didominasi warna hitam, krem dan orange. Outdoor seatingnya juga enak buat ngopi-ngopi dan makan centil sore-sore. 

[Bandung] Cafe Bali

A month ago I visited Bandung on a Family Trip. We stayed in The Valley Bandung for one night and had a great stay. We did coffee shop hopping and restaurant hopping too, and this cafe was one of our lunch venue. It located in the famous area R.E Martadinata street a.k.a Riau. At first, I didn't expect this cafe would be this nice, since it looked so simple on the front. When you stepped in, I bet you will fall in love with the environment. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

[Banten] Republic of Burger - Bintaro

Finally I have food tour companion in Bintaro. They are Dachi and Dea from Visit Dachidea, a couple weeks ago we met and tried this new opened restaurant in Kebayoran Arcade, Bintaro. We never met before but we knew each other from Zomato foodies community. I found out that this siblings live in Bintaro where my office located. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

[Malang] Taman Indie Riverview Resto - Malang : Kembali ke Kampong!

Seneng banget rasanya sewaktu jalan-jalan ke Malang bulan lalu berhasil mengunjungi beberapa tempat makan seru disekitaran Malang. Salah satunya adalah restoran ini, Taman Indie Riverview Resto yang terletak di Kota Araya, salah satu komplek perumahan di kota Malang. Agak sulit sebenarnya jalanan menuju resto ini, karena letaknya yang berada di dalam perumahan. Suasana yang disuguhkan resto ini benar-benar membuat kita seolah-olah berada di kampung, lokasi tempat makan yang ada di resto ini juga bermacam-macam, ada yang di bawah pendopo, saung-saung, hingga gazebo di sebelah sawah dan sungai.