Wednesday, November 19, 2014

[Banten] Republic of Burger - Bintaro

Finally I have food tour companion in Bintaro. They are Dachi and Dea from Visit Dachidea, a couple weeks ago we met and tried this new opened restaurant in Kebayoran Arcade, Bintaro. We never met before but we knew each other from Zomato foodies community. I found out that this siblings live in Bintaro where my office located. 

Republic of Burger first store where located on Cipete street along with another famous restaurants such as; Abuba Steak, Toodz cafe. Around 2 months ago they opened a new store next to my office, and I felt like "yeaaayy new store!! yeaay explore more!!"

The concept in their new store is The Barn, no wonder the interior design dominated by woods and brown colors. They let one of their wall only covered by bricks and I really felt their rustic ambience, At that moment they had a great offer R.O.B guest. Buy 1 Get 1 offer (who doesn't love free things, right?). I got 1 junior burger by purchasing 1 Monster burger, they even gave us waffle fries too.
And these our menus:

The Republican Monster (79K)

Volcano Monster (69K)

Mushroom Gravy Junior (44K)

Waffle Fries (Grande 24K, Mega 33K)

Nutella Frezze (39K)

Snow Jelly
Free complimentary (after tweeting on Twitter)

I really like Volcano monster burger due to its sauce, it was quite spicy but yet it full of flavors and the others menu just okay. Well, maybe because they need to add more sauce/dressing to another three menu that we ordered. If you visit this store, don't forget to ask to the staffs about their special offer, on that day if the guests tweeted their experience on R.O.B, they will get free dessert. yaaayyyy :)

Republic of Burger
Ruko Kebayoran Arcade 2 Blok B1
Bintaro Sektor 7


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