Thursday, November 27, 2014

[Jakarta] Yukai Shabu Sushi [CLOSED]

Last sunday, Wenny and I was invited to come on Yukai Shabu Sushi's Food tasting, actually it was my third time visited this place. Yukai located on Gunawarman street, and located on the same row with Le cafe Gourmand. The restaurant is not really spacious, it has simple and clean design with wood domination on furniture. I like their samurai-man murals, it so unique.  

Along with its name, they serves Japanese food with Shabu and Sushi as their focus, they have several sushi menus and Shabu, but they also serves tempura, teriyaki and Udon. Their signature dish is Quick Shabu and their most fave is Wagyu Quick Shabu, honestly I never heard "Quick Shabu" before.

Guest can easily read the instructions on how to prepare and enjoy their quick shabu (or you can ask their staff, they are helpful), so if you are a first timer, you have nothing to worry about. We even filmed it when we try our quick shabu for the first time LOL, because it kinda new thing for us, well at least for me. Yukai Staff's will give you two bowls and 1 condiments plate. One bowl consist of Ponzu Sauce (taste like soya sauce), and another bowl consist of Wagyu, udon, shitake, meatballs, tofu, pakcoy and Chinese cabbage in a hot water, it literally hot, so please be careful. We just simply pour the condiment into Ponzu sauce and put Wagyu or everything you have in the other ball and the last one we just enjoy our quick shabu.

Crunchy Salmon 60K

Yukai Roll 60K

Baked Salmon Mentai 60K

Tuna Melts 58K

They served us several sushi roll menus, and it was their most favorite menu. On every sushi roll menu, we can choose medium or large size, it consist of 4 sushi roll in Medium size and 8 sushi roll in Large size. My favorite one was yukai roll, it consist of salom, kani, cream cheese, thousand island and unagi sauce. Beside it as chef recommended, Yukai roll is their signature sushi menu.

Crispy Chicken Teriyaki 44K

It has great texture, crispy outside but juicy and tender inside. It served with salad that has dressing called goma sauce, yukai staff explained to us that it was a kin of peanut butter sauce. It tasted so unique an similar to Indonesian vegetable "asinan" dressing.

Wagyu Quick Shabu 65K

Wagyu Yaki Udon 65K

I like savory food and this wagyu yaki udon on my top list. They have level of spicy from 0 to 11, you don't have to guess my level it 0 (zero) LOL.

For drinks, I usually order cold ocha, everytime I visit sushi resto. I repeat, everytime. But lucky me, they served us with several types of beverages. I fell in love with their butterscotch and turkish delight, it was so delicious. You should try it too! you can request the sweetness, standard, less sugar or more sugar. You can also request the topping between bubbly and earl grey jelly.

Left to Right:
Coffee Caramelo 25K
Butterscotch 22K
Tiramisu Vanilla 22K
Strawberry Short Cake 22K
Cold Ocha 
Turkish Delight 22K

Matcha 20K

Matcha Ice Cream

Ogura Ice Cream

And last but not least, here come their dessert. We ordered Matcha and Ogura ice cream, and yess i'm ice cream traveller, and I must admit their matcha ice cream is delicious.

Thank you yukai for another great experience, fyi previously during fasting month i visited this place on break fasting time and they gave me an almond dates cover with dark chocolate and I LOVE IT VERY MUCH.

Craving for Sushi or Shabu? wanna try their quick Shabu? you can visit Yukai everyday except Monday, from 11 AM.

Yukai Shabu Sushi
Jl. Gunawarman No.75
Kebayoran Baru - Jakarta Selatan


  1. Meidiii, fotonya bagus2 amat siiihhh ajariiiiiin!! *komen OOT* *beli kamera yg bener dulu*
    itu fotonya bisa bertekstur banget gituuuuuh

    aku pengen yukai roll-nya lagiiii :D

    1. ahahaha yuk main foto-fotoan yukk kapan gituh ;3, aku mah autodidak, ga jagoo ini maah dditt :D
      yuk Sushi hunt lagi yuk ;3 mwahahah