Saturday, December 20, 2014

[Jakarta] Pao Pao - Liquor & Dim Sum

Yeayyy another hang out place in Senopati area just did their soft launching on Dec 18th and on the second day I came and being accompany by Cha Cha one of foodies on Instagram :D. 

Too bad I can't take a picture of Pao Pao interior due to its crowd and the place was too dark. I just succeed to capture a neon light behind the bar and the neon sign outside the place. Pao Pao's interior influenced by Traditional Chinese Restaurant combined with industrial theme.  

I arrived 30 minutes earlier than our meet up schedule and Pao Pao almost already full booked. Due to their soft opening event, there were some celebrities and famous people like Daniel Mananta, Andre Darwis, Andra Asmasoebrata and Nadia Saphira acted as host that day and a lot of their friends came to visit. Lucky me, there was two seats left for me and Cha cha. Cha cha said that she wanted to meet her friend at the event and turned out Daniel Mananta was her friend. He even gave us free drinks, "I'll buy you drinks, because I one of the host today". We just nodded our head without knowing what kind of drinks that might be came out. 

We only ordered 3 kinds of dimsum Siu Long Bao, Guo Tie and Char Siu Bao, pardon me I just took a picture of Char Siu Bao, hahaha I might be too hungry to take a photo that day. Siu Long Bao became my fave dish so far and I might be like it too much LOL. It served hot and you better eat those soon before it cooling down. The filling was really tasteful and rich flavor, I lost of words really *lebay*, I really recommend you to order this.

Our lucky number

Char Siu Bao (steamed bun with bbq chicken filling) 

drink ordered by Daniel, he even didn't know and remember its name
because I don't drink alcohol, I didn't taste it, sorry Daniel :P

I promised it won't become my first and last visit. Hopefully it will not too crowded next time and on my next visit, I'll try their dimsum packages, there are two types of packages; fried dimsums (100k) with 4 types of dimsum with 12 pieces and steamed dimsums (100k) with 4 types of dimsum with 16 pieces. 

From total five menus we just have to pay for two menus, whaatt? we don't know why, we already asked the waiter but he said that the bill just right. Thank you Daniel for being a great host that day.

Pao Pao
Liquor & Dimsum
Jl. Senopati Raya No 16
Kebayoran Baru - Jakarta Selatan
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