Sunday, December 7, 2014

[Bandung] Saka Bistro & Bar - Setiabudhi

I read so many reviews on Instagram about Saka Bistro's latte art and it was so inviting, I promised to visit this place if I come to Bandung. Thanks God finally I visited Bandung last month, and Saka Bistro already on my top list. As we are "makan centil", sometimes we decided what cafes or places that we wanna visit just by its centil level :P. We thought that Saka Bistro latte art things were so "centil" and I couldn't resist it. So here I am, writing this post after a great visit to that place.

It located around Sukajadi area, which just a couple blocks away from where I stayed that day. I have been accompany by Sharon and Augi that day and lucky us it was such a bright afternoon (after two days raining :(( in Bandung). Saka Bistro & Bar is quite spacious, and it has indoor and outdoor dining area. The design is clean and simple with woods domination on furniture. I think it's one of the best place to hangout with some friends in Bandung area. Some of my friends said it has a great lightning on outdoor area during night. 

Since we were not really hungry that day, we just ordered drinks and yess it was our first reason to visit this place. I just heard about their unique Taro Latte and I ordered it along with Red Velvet and Peach Punch. Their humble barista, Tantan came to visit us and offered some latte designs. "Just do your best and give us the best" I said. and TADAAAAA here're our orders:

Previously, I really wanna order Red Velvet, Taro Velvet, Matcha Latte and Cappuccino at the same time. I think those really colorful and fun, but since there were just three of us, I didn't think that we could swallow up those drinks, so we just ordered Taro and Red Velvet. Look what we've got? a cute Taro Bear and a pretty Red Velvet Swan (actually, me and my friends still on argue on this, some of them told me it looks like a snake rather than a swan, but THIS IS SWAN LOL, how about you guys?). I like Taro better than Red Velvet, I usually tell to you that I don't really like sweet, well this Red Velvet was kinda too sweet for me, but Taro Velvet just fine and I really like it. That Punch was belong to Sharon, since I don't drink soda so I wasn't able to taste it, but Sharon said it was sweet and refreshing. (I don't drink soda? what kind of food blogger I am :)) )

I think, that day was our lucky day, because suddenly one of their staff approached us and gave us not one but TWO yummy chocolate cakes. There were Chocolate Gateau and Chocolate Lava. We quickly raised our hands and said "We didn't order for these", "it's OK, it is a complimentary from us" He said. What? a compliment with TWO chocolate cakes, GOD might be love us very much. We really like those cakes, especially the Chocolate Gateau. 

The Chocolate Lava cake, It has a moist texture with a delicious melted chocolate inside, we didn't flip the cake upside down and just directly mixed them up on that bowl. The sweet of Vanilla ice cream really balanced with the flavor of chocolate cake while the Chocolate Gateau tasted like a Sacher cake but the texture was little bit thicker and surprisingly it tasted really good and not really sweet, so I can deal with it *HAAPPYY* . 

I promised it will not become my first and last visit to Saka Bistro, I wanna try their Steak or Fish and Chips next time.

So, where to go next? Bali perhaps? Any recommendations?

Saka Bistro Bar
Jl. Karangsari No.2
Setiabudhi - Bandung
Phone 022 6170 7340
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