Thursday, February 5, 2015

[Jakarta] Poblano - Mexican Grill

Finally, I tried Taco and Burrito in Poblano Mexican Grill. It started when they had instagram promo, whoever follow them and likes their post, they would be direct message to some lucky followers and gave a free lunch for them, and I was one of them, Hail to freebies LOL!

Poblano Mexican Grill served Mexican Food that I believe it already adjusted to Indonesian taste, as well as I know Mexican food is known for its sour salsa and spicy food, but hey thanks GOD I can eat burrito with no worries (it can be customized).

I came to Poblano with some of my foodies friends, so we ordered several food and it was good to have a friend with a same passion on food. *big smile*

Taco in the making

wrap it up

My Burrito on the move

They have open kitchen concept, so we can directly watch whenever Poblano staff's make an order. You can also customize your menu by adding Chips, Salsa, or Guacamole. They looked so fresh and yummy,  I almost can't help myself to lick the guacamole.

Beef Burrito Bowl

We ordered Beef Taco, Beef Burrito, Vegetarian Burrito, and Beef Burrito Bowl. Actually I lil bit confused that moment, Beef Burrito was cheaper than Vegetarian Burrito, How it possible? Overall I like all of the menus, and my fave was Beef Burrito. Beef was so tender, fresh lettuce, well cooked rice, beans and salsa, it has a lot of beef chunks, really. For your info, It might be look tiny but trust me it really enough for lunch (morree than enough). But I think they're lack of beverages option and there's no dessert to complete the meal :(.

Poblano Mexican Grill
Pacific Place Mall 5 floor
(021) 57973199


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